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Motor Output LA010

The motor output LA010 is used to connect motor drives for turnouts to accessory decoders LS100 and LS110. This manual assumes that you are already familiar with installation and operation of accessory decoders LS100 or LS110.


General Information

On one end of the motor output adapter are 3 pins for connecting to the accessory decoder. The pins are spaced to fit in the existing screw terminals on the accessory decoder. This makes installation very simple.

On the other end you find 2 screw terminals to connect the turnout motor drive. The maximum load of LA010 is 0.75 A in continuos use; the brief peak load is 3.0 A (maximum 1 sec.).

In the following wiring schematics, the turnout motor drive is shown as a motor symbol. We recommend that the output pulse of the output used is set to a suitable pulse duration (see the accessory decoder manual for instructions).

The motor drive you use may have built-in motor power disconnects at each end of movement. You can leave these as they are.


Connecting motor output LA010 to accessory decoder LS110

In illustration 1 you see the connection of LA010 to accessory decoder LS110.
How you connect the motor drive to the 2 terminal screws determines if the turnout goes to "turn" or "straight" when you activate the + output. If you for instance want the turnout to go to "turn" when activating the + output, but it instead goes to "straight", then simply reverse the leads at the 2 screw terminals.


             Figure #1                             Figure #2     


Connecting motor output LA010 to accessory decoder LS100

Available contacts that show the end-position of the motor drive, can be used to provide feedback of the turnout position via accessory decoder LS100 to command station LZ100.

In illustration 2 you can see how to connect LA010 to accessory decoder LS100. In this setup, an available contact in the motor drive is used to provide feedback of the turnout position. The connection of the motor drive is otherwise identical to an installation with LS110.