LH90 V3.6 Manual

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LH90 Knob Based Engineer's Throttle

The LH90 incorporates the latest technology, while providing an operator interface that is designed for model railroaders.

The LH90 also is our first handheld which can have its software upgraded without changing any parts! It's part of our dedication to upgradeable DCC. Contact us for V3.6 updating of your LH90.

LH90 has a luminescent, 4-digit LED display. It is able to display the numbers 0 to 9 and other symbols. The LH90 hand held controller has a sensitive 256 step potentiometer, fast access up to 8 locomotive addresses, direct switching of five functions (F0-F4) with a Functions Group Menu access F5-F8, and a traditional center-off toggle switch for direction control.

The "stack"  feature  facilitates quick access to up to 8 locomotive addresses. To each digit of the deck you can allocate any loco address between 0 and 9999. This will ensure that you have fast and reliable access to the locomotives which are most important for the current operating situation, at the touch of a few buttons. The locomotive addresses entered in the stack are permanently stored, even if the LH90  is switched off.

Features (depending on features of command stations) include:

Access to all 10,000 locomotive addresses.
Control of 8 Functions  
Short cut selections of : Adr, Sch, and Functions Group 
Set-up of F1-8 latching or non-latching
Set up and break apart consists
Consist control using Smart Consisting
Support for all forms of programming (Register, Paged, Direct, Operations Mode Programming
Turnout and Signal Control

The LH90 connects to the  XpressNET on any XpressNet based systems and becomes an advanced handheld.