LRC100 Locomotive Transmiter Module

RailCom stands for the new and innovative Lenz bi-directional communication technology. Your DCC equipped locomotive can now transmit its address and other data at any location on your model railroad, even if it is stopped or moving.
If your locomotive is not equipped with a RailCom transmitter decoder (Lenz Gold, Silver+ or Standard+ decoders for example), installing the LRC100 in the locomotive will enable its decoder to become a RailCom decoder.
Simply connect the LRC100’s red and black wires to the rail pickups of the locomotive in parallel to the existing locomotive decoder. The LRC100 continuously transmits the address of the locomotive in which it is installed.
This address can be made visible on suitable displays (for example the Lenz LRC120). The transmitter can also display the contents of CVs.

Requirements for using the RailCom transmitter LRC100:
The LRC100 is compatible with all DCC systems but can only transmit RailCom data on systems that support, NMRA bi-directional communications. Our LVZ100 version 3.5 and 3.6 are examples of systems with this feature.
If you have the LZ100 or other command stations, our LV102 power stations can be used to enable RailCom.