LZ100 Circuit Board Types

Lenz GmbH began producing LZ100 NMRA DCC Command Stations in 1993.  Since then we have made numerous hardware and software upgrades. In developing Version 3.0 we found that we could no longer upgrade our older circuit boards.  The reason for this is two fold.

  1. the older circuit boards only had 64K EPROM's and Version 3.0 needed additional memory.
  2. the older LZ100 circuit boards do not have the secondary processor we now use to generate DCC packets.  Without this processor we were unable to have sufficient processing power for our V3 architecture.

We were faced with two alternatives.

  1. we could design a hardware upgrade to upgrade the older LZ100s
  2. we could offer a replacement circuit board.

Because of the cost involved and because a hardware upgrade would not allow future software upgrades, we chose to replace the older LZ100 circuit boards as part of the V3 upgrade.

We began shipping  LZ100-V3 circuit boards in January 1998.  The following is provided to help you determine if you have an older or newer circuit board:

  1. LZ100s with serial numbers on the bottom side of the case contain new V3 circuit boards
  2. If you purchased your LZ100 prior to January 1, 1997 you have the older LZ100 circuit board
  3. If you fall into none of the above categories you will need to remove your LZ100 from its case to determine which version it is.
  4. Look at the removable EPROM on the LZ100.  Version V3 circuit boards have a removable EPROM labeled 27C256.  Older LZ100 Circuit boards have a removable EPROM labeled 27C64.  The following photos will help you identify which version you have.
  5.  If you have a V2 or less contact the Lenz Company to purchase the current version 3.5 LZV100 (Command Station and Power Station).
    This means that your Version 2 is probably about 15-11 years old. (We no longer have any Version 3 boards for upgrading, but your throttle and power stations still have value.)

lz100v3board.gif (34828 bytes) lz100oldboard.gif (37834 bytes)