Li-USB-Ethernet Software installation Manual

Li-USB-Ethernet Configuration/User Manual

Tips for connecting Li-USB-Ethernet to JMRI Decoder Pro 3







The new Digital plus Li-USB-Ethernet Interface not only offers a USB interface, but also an Ethernet interface which facilitates the connection of the device to a PC and/or router.  This opens up interesting new possibilities for model railway control, now wireless control using an iPod Touch or iPhone is a reality!


Connect the Li-USB-Ethernet interface via XpressNet to the command station and via Ethernet to a router. Now you can control your model railway wirelessly with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Third party software like "TouchCab" ( is available for your iPod Touch or iPhone giving you a moble app capable of controlling your intire layout wirelessly from the palm of your hand.


For more information on using this new module, please read an article written by Mike Greenwood "Wireless Control with an iPhone/iPod Touch"

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