Connecting the Li-USB-Ethernet to JMRI Decoder Pro 3

Please note this tip has been done with Windows XP. The process may be a little different with W7, but the critical elements will be the same.

Several things that you must know when you are setting up and using the Li-USB-Ethernet interface:

First, your Lenz system must be turned on and Li-USB-Ethernet interface (23151) must be connected to both the Xpressnet and the USB port when your computer is turned on.

Second, while the Lenz Fahrput and the Lenz CV Editor programes work using the Lenz LIUSB Server, Decoder Pro 3 (DP3) does not. The LI-USB Server program that is installed when you install the Li-USB-Ethernet interface (23151) software must be turned to "off" when you want to use DP3.

Third, under the "Edit"/"Preferences"/"Connection" tab/selections at the top of the DP3 wondow, you need to select "LI-USB", not/not "LI-USB Server" or "LI-USB Ethernet".

Fourth, it is necessary to go into your Windows Control Panel and,
first, select System Preferences, then Hardware, then Device Manager, then Ports Com & LPT and finally LI-USB Serial Port (Port #). [in my computer this selection read "LI-USB Serial Port (Port 6)"]. Once you are there, note the port # and set the speed setting to 57600. Then apply, save and exit the Control Panel.

Fifth, it is then necessary to go back to DP3, as in the third point above, and ensure that your LI-USB is set to the same port as the Driver above, and that the "additional settings" is checked and set to "no flow control"

If you set-up using all the above information, you should find that your Li-USB-Ethernet interface (23151) functions correctly. (If, perchance, it does not, the first thing to do is to shut down the Lenz system and the computer, then turn on the lenz system and then turn on the computer.)