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Power 1 - 3 USP Modules for Gold Decoders

Power 3 Discontinued 10/1/2013

POWER-1 and 3  are an energy storage modules for use with GOLD Series decodersUSP means "uninterruptable signal processing. " This storage unit supplies the decoder and the locomotive with power when there is an interruption of electrical connection to the track (e.g. dirty tracks).

The USP circuit of the GOLD decoders allows the decoder to receive the DCC signal without a direct electrical connection to the track. During the period where track electrical power is not present the USP circuit switches to the backup power provided from the POWER-1 storage module to ensure continued control of the motor. If digital information is no longer transmitted, the motor will be deactivated. This prevents the locomotive wheels from continuing to turn, for example: in the case of a derailment.

POWER-1 is like an "electronic flywheel", but thanks to the USP technology the stored energy is used only when necessary.

The POWER-1 storage module measures approximately 0.9" x 0.55" x 0.39"  (22 x 13.3 x 9.4 mm) which allows easy installation in most HO and larger locomotives and many N scale tenders.

POWER- 3 storage devices can be used with Gold-JST and Gold MAXIs (large scales). The POWER-3 devoce is rather large for HO and S, but can be fitted into some tenders. Typically it is used for Large-Scale. POWER-3 measures 1.3" x .42" x x .98" (32 x 10.6 x 25mm) which can be used in S-scale and O-Scale and  Large-Scale.

Three wires provide the connections between the POWER-1 storage module and GOLD decoder. The module is encapsulated by a heat-shrinking sleeve that protects sensitive components and facilitates installation. It also serves to prevent short-circuits to the metal components inside the locomotive - do not remove it from the module on any account.

GOLD decoders are equipped with soldering pads to which the cables of the POWER-1 storage module must be soldered. The precise location of these surfaces is described in the respective decoder manual:

GOLD mini:


When connecting the POWER-1 storage module to a GOLD decoder, please proceed as follows:

·         Solder the blue cable to soldering surface "U+".

·         Solder the pink cable to soldering surface "charge".

·         Solder the brown cable to soldering surface "GND".

While soldering take care not to create short-circuits between the soldering surfaces and other components of the locomotive decoder as this could severely damage the decoder!  Also be sure to not locate the POWER-1 module next to a hot surface.

When no digital signal is present the Gold Decoder will shut down the motor to prevent accidental movement of the locomotive. Gold decoders allow you to configure the time if no digital signal is detected after which the motor is switched off.  CV112 is used to set this value. The default setting is approx. 0.25 sec which is fine for most installations,

Storage time of the POWER-1 And POWER-3 storage modules

A natural question is:

"How far will my locomotive run if 
there is a power interruption?"

There is no straight answer to this, because the length of the distance covered is subject to two factors: the power consumption of the motor and the gear of the locomotive.



Current in mA

Current in amps

Time until the POWER-1output voltage is less then 5V



1000 ms (1 second)



400 ms (0.4 seconds)



100 ms (0.1 seconds)



< 50ms (0.05 seconds)









Current in amps

Time until the POWER-3 output voltage is less then 5V


8 Seconds


4 Seconds


2.6 Seconds







Poor electrical contact or dirty track is normally a very short intermittent event.  However the result of this brief loss of electrical contact can reduce the typical packet reception of a decoder in a model locomotive to less then 60%.  The use of a POWER-1 and POWER-3 module results in a nearly 100% packet reception resulting in a significant improvement of actual operating performance of the locomotive.

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