Starter Sets and System Components

We are "unleashing the power" of DCC with systems, that are intuitive and a pleasure to use, yet are extremely powerful and provide all the features advanced modelers want. Our goal is to enhance your model railroad operation enjoyment by employing the most advanced and reliable technology available.

We pride ourselves in developing feature rich systems that are easy to install and operate. We want you to be able to operate your trains effortlessly and not be confused by a complicated control system. We place the complexity inside our systems and strive to make our operator interfaces as intuitive as possible to use.

Do you desire 4-digit addresses and want access to more functions? Do you are plan a future extension with automatic control?  Do you want the best in reliability and performance? Do you want a system that actually conforms to the NMRA DCC specifications assuring you full compatibility? Do you want a system that offers the best value in the marketplace?

With Digital plus by Lenz, you have a choice; simply pick the handheld you like best: If you like controlling your locomotives with push-buttons, you might prefer SET100, however, if you prefer a knob to control your trains you should have a closer look at our SET90. Visit our Virtual Guide for our LH100 for an on-line demonstration!

Please note: all of our systems require a power supply. 16-24 volts, 5+ Amps for N. HO, S, and G.

Which SET for which scale?

From the point of view of a digital system, the various scales differ only in their power demands of locomotives running simultaneously.  The size of a layout is not really a factor. An N scale locomotive requires less power than a Large Scale locomotive.

2.5 Amps of DCC track power can supply the demand of five N scale locomotives with 0.5 amps each, but only 2 Large Scale locomotives which consume 1.25 amps or more each. Want sound? No problem but remember that sound locomotives can add another 1/2 amp each. That's why our Set90 and Set100 come with an integrated 5 amp power station

If the total of the power consumption of your layout exceeds the power delivered by the SET, you simply add additional power stations (boosters)  to the SET. For H0 scale and smaller, we recommend our LV102, For larger scales the 10 amp Set-100/10 is best.

DCC track voltage is another often talked about item.  Scales from N to O all use what is referred to as 12 volts DC, which defines the minimum voltage that a system must supply.  In DCC you need a little more for the voltage loss in the decoder and a little extra for the voltage drop in the wiring of most layouts.  Our Set90 and Set100 come factory set for 16 volts DCC.  This also allows a non- decoder equipped locomotive to be operated at full speed.  Many users desire a lower top voltage for a lower top speed.  No problem, the DCC track voltage output for our integrated LZV100 Command/Power Station can easily be set to any voltage from 11 volts for Z scale to 22 volts for Large Scale.

Expansion and upgradeability built in!

Whichever set you start with, you can be assured of a  trouble-free expansion in the future with no device becoming obsolete.  Each of our Sets can be extended with further input devices (manual control, radio control, computer interface) and additional power stations/boosters.

DIGITAL plus systems are modular in nature.  This allows the modeler to pick and choose to design a custom system to meet their individual needs. Our systems are designed from the start with the future in mind. We will continue to offer new capabilities in the future without you having to buy a new system, because our systems are designed for updating from the very start.

Our current system components:

Our current upgrade programs:

System design of DIGITAL plus

DIGITAL plus is a set of NMRA DCC multi-train control systems for all model railroad scales.   They were developed in close cooperation with model railroaders worldwide. We introduced our professional grade Set-01 system in 1993.  Through a set of innovative upgrades all components sold in 1993 are still state of the art in 2002. 

DIGITAL plus is designed with a non-proprietary open architecture. Each device in this distributed architecture contains the intelligence necessary to provide support to the external device it is supporting. This distributed architecture provides exceptional performance and allows us to add new capabilities without impacting existing devices.

XpressNet Communication Network

The heart of the DIGITAL plus communication architecture is the high speed XpressNet based on the worldwide RS485 standard. XpressNet provides the data exchange between input devices and the command station. XpressNet consists of a 4 wire twisted pair connection. XpressNet may be up to 1000m. (3300 feet) long and can support up to 31 simultaneous handhelds. XpressNet is the highest performance communication network in the DCC industry, providing the modeler with exceptional growth possibilities. Many DCC manufacturers are now building XpressNet components which will allow you a wealth of flexibility in selecting components for your model railroad.

The capabilities of each system component are determined by software that operates inside each device. If new capabilities are added to DIGITAL plus in the future, then you only need to change the appropriate  software, not buy a new device. This is done by replacing an easy to install memory chip in the affected device, a cost-effective solution. We have released system updates every few years and will continue to support out users with innovative enhancements for years to come.

The 2 wire Control bus connects the command station to as many power stations (boosters) that are needed to power the layout. All DIGITAL plus power stations and command stations follow the proposed NMRA Power Station Interface RP and all DIGITAL plus power stations are optically isolated to allow safe connection to all forms of layout wiring including common rail wiring.

DIGITAL plus provides the capability for a separate 2 wire feedback bus to provide a connecting link between command station and feedback capable modules. A separate bus was chosen to provide maximum performance even in the largest of layouts.

Compatibility through Full Conformance

We strive to make our systems 100% compatible with all NMRA DCC decoders so you never have to be concerned if your DIGITAL plus equipment will work with decoders produced by other DCC manufacturers.  We submit all applicable components to the NMRA for testing and proudly display the NMRA Conformance warrant on our products. If you encounter compatibility problems with components you already have, please contact us. We will do our best to resolve such problems.


We stand behind our products with a 10 year limited warranty, that includes free component replacement in the first 3 years, even if you accidentally improperly installed the unit. Our North America service centers are another example of the commitment we are making to provide the best possible support worldwide.