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Effective September 1, 2013
All Lenz of North America Warranty, Repairs and Upgrades are now performed in Canada by

TLA Custom Models

16 Bis Drummond Street
Barriefield Village
Kingston, Ontario
K7K 5S1
Phone 01.613.386.7720

Warranty for Digital plus Products

Warranty Statement:

Year One:

Year 2 and 3:

Year 4-10:

This warranty is not valid if the user has altered, intentionally misused the Digital Plus product, or removed the products protection, for example the heat shrink from decoders and other devices. In this case a service charge will be applied for all repairs or replacements. Should the user desire to alter a Digital Plus Product, they should contact Lenz GmbH for prior authorization. Warranty is only good for two times on the same locomotive.

Please contact an authorized Lenz GmbH warranty center for a Return Authorization Number and specific instructions and current service charges prior to returning any equipment for repair.

Note:  A small service charge will be imposed if a product is sent back for warranty repair that is found to be in working order if the user has not obtained a Return Authorization Number prior to shipping the product.

Please call and provide the Warranty return information and/or send to The Lenz Repair Service in the US. 

Remember to call or email to obtain your RA#.