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XpressNET is a high-speed multi-point to multi-point digital network based upon the industry standard RS-485 protocol. DIGITAL plus uses XpressNET to communicate between its high-speed components such as the command station, handhelds, tower cabs and its computer interface. XpressNET communicates at 62.5 thousand bits per second (nearly 4 times faster than its closest competitor). It is the highest performance network in widespread DCC use and all its protocols are freely available to both the industry and the hobbyist.

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DIGITAL plus XpressNet Components

XpressNET Supplies

  • Lenz DIN Panel
  • LA152 - XpressNET adaptor
  • XP-5 XpressNET DIN sockets
  • XC6 6 foot DIN XpressNET Extension Cable
  • 6 foot cable male DIN plug on one end
  • LY006 Coil Cable with 5 pin DIN
  • LY007 Coil Cable with 6 pin RJ11 phone connections

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