Version 3.5 Upgrade
 for Set-01 users with LZ100 version 1.x and 2.x

At Lenz Elektronik, GmbH we are very concerned with providing a system that is exceptionally easy to use and fully conformant with all NMRA DCC Standards and Recommended Practices. These documents contain a wealth of features that, while useful to some, can provide unneeded complexity and confusion to others. Our approach has been to be conservative and to provide low cost upgrades that offer features with proven value, thus protecting your hobby investment.

Our goal with V3 is to provide all the advanced features available with DCC in a way that did not distract from the enjoyment of operating a model railroad.

We worked with leading model railroaders from around the world and learned a lot about "model railroad" thoughts, those pesky annoyances that distract you from concentrating on operating your model train. In V3, we have tried our best to remove these distractions.

V3 is not just a minor facelift, it is a complete system redesign from the ground up. Some of the key highlights of new features include:

Smart Addressing: 1 digit, 2 digit, four digits, it does not matter. Simply enter the locomotive address in the handheld and you have instant control of the locomotive.

Smart Programming: We have automated many of the programming features to make it simpler to program complex operations. For example simply enter the locomotive address and all the necessary CVs are programmed for you. And when you read the address you get both the consist address (if set) and the locomotive address.

Smart Consisting: You can operate a consist from any locomotive address in the consist and through a single button press scroll through all other locomotives in the consist.

Smart Function Control: 13 locomotive functions can be controlled and functions F1-F12 can be set to constant or momentary/ non latching operation on a per locomotive basis.

Smart Speed control: Your LH100 speed controls now have new functions. When you press and hold the buttons the speed will increase (or decrease) until you release the button. The double speed key is also set to provide a greater step increase in 128 speed step mode than in 28 step mode.

Unparalleled performance: Our dynamic packet transmission means that you can get superior performance with a much larger number of operating trains. If you are into sound control this means that everyone can experience near instantaneous control of the sound functions.xpressnet.gif (2862 bytes)

XpressNet support: We saved the best for last. XpressNet is our next generation of state of the art model railroad control network that provides blazing performance and a wealth of expansion possibilities. Expect to see a lot more XpressNet new announcements in 2001.

nmraci.gif (3787 bytes)

And of course, Version 3 has already earned the prestigious NMRA Conformance Warrant.


Should you upgrade?

The choice to upgrade or not depends on what new features you wish to have. Version 2 software is extremely stable and contains a rich feature set. If you are happy with these capabilities there is absolutely no need to upgrade.

Version 3 contains the latest features and provides the platform for our growth into the future. The LZ100 upgrade provides access to the new XpressNet capabilities as well as providing improvements in performance and support for a rich set of new features. To gain access to these features you will either need your LH100 upgraded to Version 3 or another XpressNet V3 device such as an LH200, LH90 or XPA..

 How to obtain your V3 upgrade

Users should contact their dealer or the Lenz Agency to schedule your upgrade. Many dealers have the capabilities to perform the upgrade in their store and others can assist you in scheduling your upgrade.

PLEASE NOTE:  Do not send your set in without scheduling the upgrade in advance. 
We need to ensure we have the supplies in hand to ensure we can return your system promptly

North American Costs

To determine the cost you must first determine if you have a Version 3 LZ100 circuit board or you have an older version LZ100 circuit board.  If your LZ100 was purchased new after July 1998 or your LZ100 has a serial number on the bottom of the case you likely have the newest board. If not you likely have an older LZ100 version. If in doubt contact the Lenz Agency for assistance. All costs are in US dollars.

Shipping Costs

For all upgrades performed by the agency that are to be returned to continental US addresses, please include $10.00 for return shipping and handling costs.  For Canadian customers we have established a service facility in Canada to reduce time and shipping costs.  All other North American Customers should contact the Agency for specific shipping costs.

LH100 Upgrade Costs- (Software version can be determined by the sequence F, 9, 9)

LZ100 Upgrade Costs - To determine which LZ100 circuit board you have please check out or LZ100 circuit board page. (Software version can be determined by the sequence F, 9, 8 using your LH100)

  • LZ100 Version 3 to latest version click here for instructions
    LZ100 Version 2 with a version 3 board  is $15.00
    LZ100 Version 2  without a version 3 board to version 3 $95.00 (after trade in of old LV101)- currently needs replacing with your exisintg LZ with the new LZV100