Effective September 1, 2013
All Lenz of North America Warranty, Repairs and Upgrades are now performed in Canada by

TLA Custom Models

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Version 3.6 Update

New features in Version 3.6 added to our already impressive system operation:

  1. Full support for all 29 NMRA functions. F0 + F1-F28 can be configured per locomotive to be latching or momentary.
  2. Ability to read CVs on the Main with Gold decoders or other NMRA decoder supporting NMRA bi-directional. (requires a RailCom equipped decoder and a RailCom detector)
  3. Improved database support.
  4. Improved programming support to make it easier to program sound decoders, even higher current ones without thee need for resistors or after market programming boosters
  5. Full access to all 1024 CVs in both service mode and ops mode
  6. New LH100 stack for quick change between up to 12 locomotive addresses with the 'Esc' key.  The size of this stack can be configured to be from 1 to 12 entries.
  7. LH100 now has speed access to read or write a sequence of CVs or to increment/decrement values.
  8. A selection of which function information is to be refreshed by the command station even between operating sessions is now available. The default is that functions F1-F8 are refreshed.  The user can change this to refresh F1-F4  or F1-F28 if desired.

All Lenz Agency technical support and upgrade work for North American owners is now done by TLA Custom Models.

Please go to TLA Custom Models website for more information http://www.tlacanada.com/TLA/Lenz%20Upgrade.htm

To find your current Version Number:

With an LH100 enter " F  9  8"  The current version number is displayed in the LH100's display. With an LH90 or LH200 go to the menu "SYS" and enter "13"  The current version number of the LZ100 is displayed in the LH90's or LH200's display.

The version 3.6 upgrade offer is only valid for LZ100 command stations, which have a current version of 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2. If you need an update of your LZ100 with version 1.x or 2.x to version 3.5, click please here.

Replacement LZ100 software that is contained in its EEPROM.

  1. Open the LZ100 by removing the screws on either the front or back plate and remove the printed circuit board from the case.

  2. Remove the EEPROM (the part inside the white box n the figure below).  This is very simple if you use a small screwdriver between bases and IC as a lever.  Go slow as you do not want to bend the pins of the EEPROM.

  3. Insert the new EEPROM into the socket you removed the old EEPROM from.  Be careful to ensure that Pin 1 lines up properly. The position pin of the 1 lines up  as shown on the diagram on the right beside the photo.

  4. Replace the board back in the LZ100 case and replace the screws.

  5. On power-up reset the system.  This is accomplished by entering locomotive 00 in the handheld display and pressing the 4 key 25 times. Then power down and power up.

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