Software for Lenz DIGITAL plus systems

The following software packages offer support for XpressNet.

For your enjoyment, we provide links to several demo versions of popular software programs for the control of your model railroad with the LI100F and LI101F.   Lenz electronics cannot guarantee the function of these programs and also is not prepared to answer any specific questions on the installation and operation of these programs. For further information please contact the venders directly. Software venders who wish to have there software listed should contact us directly.

A new program for users of Lenz/Roco Systems (using Lenz LI-101F or LI-USB module). Includes a decoder programming module. Program can be used in English or Polish language.

GPP Software

The Solid State Interlocker (SSI) Model Railway Control system is a software product designed and developed by professional railway engineers and mimics the operation of real Integrated Electronic Control Centre (IECC) systems widely used by the UK railways. The software provides full signaling and interlocking, Entry/Exit route setting and is operated in exactly the same way as prototype systems used in the UK.

KAM Industries http//

KAM Industries is the leading supplier of DCC solutions since 1991. KAM s programs are designed to allow multiple users/programs run at the same time across a local or networked computers, reducing your software cost and protecting your investment. All software is protocols are open, user extensible, are easy to use and to learn.

KAM products include applications from commercial dispatching solutions to throttle applications using the latest in computer wireless technology, Loco CEŽ (included in Lenz Set-Li) to control your model railroad. Visit us today and see for your self. Download a full trial program suite from our web site at


RAILROAD & CO. is the leading family of computer programs
for all digitally and conventionally controlled model railroads.
All programs provide a user-friendly interface with point and click ease.
The software supports all leading digital and conventional control systems.

On you can learn more about RAILROAD & CO.
and download the latest versions of all programs to try them yourself.

Train Tools



ZugDCC is a time proven program designed for specifically XpressNet. Designed to be easy to use with all the features you really want. ZugDCC features 8 online screen throttles, each support F0 through F12. A locomotive database for easy selection, and the easiest MU setup you'll ever find! Accessory decoders can be controlled directly, by a click-able turnout map, or by routing.  Feedback support, speed table programing and more!

    All programming modes are supported. Values can be entered and displayed in decimal, hexadecimal and binary. Also included is a scale and metric calculator.  LI100, LI101 and LI-USB are supported.


JMRI is a set of free software tools for running your model railroad. It runs on a variety of operating systems including many versions of MacOS, Windows, and Linux. The toolset includes many automation tools, including throttles, a stationary decoder controller, and the ability to create dispatcher panels.

The package also includes DecoderPro, a tool for programing your decoders via a simple interface.

JMRI is an open source application, so if you want to just see how it works, or add functionality to the system, you can do that as well.


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